Our goal is to help you find the opportunities that will help you grow and learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you are interested in building your resume, meeting new friends, or developing leadership skills, there is an opportunity for you!

Guidance Advisors

Guidance Advisors are FIC alumni who provide personal and academic support to FIC students. They offer a unique perspective based on their experience as both former FIC students and current SFU students. These students enjoyed their time at FIC and want to help as many students as they can succeed and transfer to SFU!

Photography Team

FIC Photography Team is a group of students who are all about cameras and photography! They utilize their skills by hosting photography related events as well as by documenting the FIC community and events that take place every semester! Photography Team members work together to engage the community with their interests by sharing their passion and knowledge with each other and the wider community. FIC Photography Team are the people that make FIC’s memories last!


FIC ACT stands for FIC Awareness Campaign Team and is a group of students passionate about raising awareness about certain topics they believe are important for FIC students to learn more about. Students in this program are passionate about issues within their community on and off-campus and work hard to coordinate social events throughout the semester. FIC ACT members are also excited to share their knowledge and experience with other team members and are open to new ideas and learning from each other!

IT Squad

The IT Squad is a well-rounded and efficient team of FIC students who are almost ready to transfer to SFU and FIC Alumni from different majors, connected with a single idea: to provide technical help all around FIC. From instructors to staff and students, IT Squad members are always there to calmly problem solve, assist with technical issues, and escalate problems to FIC support. By working together as a team, IT Squad helps to identify tools and resources that can help support the FIC community, then turns these ideas into reality!

I chose to study in Canada because of the highly rated education system and the multicultural environment, which I’ve heard about a lot. I felt like I needed a smooth passage into SFU, so I found FIC which provided a pathway that allowed me to get used to the Canadian education system and to how things are at SFU.

Enwongoabasi Ime Ekanem


UTP Stage II: Engineering


Peer Education

Peer Education is a team of students who have excelled in their courses at FIC and want to support other students within the FIC community to do the same through one-on-one academic support and mentorship. Peer Educators are always prepared to welcome student questions and do their best to refer to the appropriate resources as well as offer their own experience and advice for navigating student life at FIC. From breaking-down Math concepts, to discussing how to approach instructors or helping you practice your presentation, Peer Educators are here to help!


Orientation Leaders run the show on Orientation Day and at events during Weeks of Welcome! They welcome new students to the FIC community and support students as they meet new people and build relationships. Orientation Leaders are the first face of FIC and help introduce students to their new academic environment, to important people and resources at FIC and to each other! Orientation Leaders lead with their experience and help ease any worries or uncertainties new students may have, always ready to answer a question and offer a smile!